Thursday, May 14, 2009

What are Surface Mounted Stained or Beveled Glass Panels?

Hi Sarak and thank you for your question! This is a good example of a surface mounted window application. There is no need to replace these windows because they are all fixed (cannot open) and the glass is clear with no grids or divisions. Perfect, because this design will not be obstructed by any lines in the background. This type of installation keeps the price down because there is no need to remove glass and no need to triple glazed (encapsulate) the art glass. It is hardly noticable that these windows are mounted on the surface of the clear glass pane.
This home has high ceilings so an extension ladder is needed to install the beveled glass panels on the interior side of the window. The installation takes a little longer because of the caution needed when climbing the ladders as well as decending. When the art glass piece is larger, we prefer using a scaffold (temporary metal frame used to support people and material during installation) to ensure the safety of the installer. Scaffolding is an additional charge.
After the window is shimmed and placed, a bead of clear silicon is applied around the panel to the edge of the drywall. Typically this is good enough to hold the glass in place and is how we finish this type of installation. This homeowner requested the window be surounded by a 1/4" round molding so it could be painted the color of the wall to simulate a thin picture frame.
The wood trim is caulked at the seams and the nail holes are filled. It is always best for the homeowner to provide the paint to ensure the color matches. There are many shades of white, trust me!

Finished and ready for paint!

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